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Silver Beaded earrings

Earrings / January 16, 2021

pattern_29_silver-beaded-heart-wire-earringsBy Delilah

In this tutorial I teach you how to create a beautiful pair of earrings. Heart-shaped, these earrings might look difficult to make, especially to make them symmetrical. But, I promise you that if you follow these instructions, you will be able to make your own with precisely the same specs as these. You just need to use the same size materials that I used. Of course, you may use other sizes, too, changing up the measurements of the final earrings. And, you can make them with copper wire instead, it’s up to you. I bet they’d look gorgeous with copper and some red coral, don’t you think? I might make those, too! A heart pendant would look lovely; feel free to give it a try!


Step 1: Cut two 2” pieces of 20g wire and set aside for the ear wires. Alternatively you can also use purchased ear wires. Cut the remaining 20g wire and the 28g wire in half. Insert one piece of 20g wire through one of the beads as shown, leaving a tale of about 1”.

Step 2: Bend the wire at a right angle against the bead, as shown.

Step 3: Measure 2” from the bend and mark the wire. Wrap the wire around the bead as shown. Then, use flat-nose pliers to make a bend at the mark, bending back toward the bead.

element_697_delilah_silver-beaded-heart-wire-earrings_3Step 4: Measure another 1 ¾” and cut the wire, as shown.

Step 5: Using a pen or 8mm mandrel, wrap the end of the wire around it, to create a loop as shown.

Step 6: Using the 28g wire, coil it 2 or 3 times around the heart frame and the bottom bend to anchor it. Holding the first link of the chain against the frame, wrap the 28g wire through the link 4 times. Then wrap the frame 4 times. Skip the next link, so the chain sits properly, then attach the next link. Continue attaching every other link up the side of the frame.

Step 7: When you reach the bead, pass the 28g wire through the link and up between the 20g wire and the bead, as shown.

element_699_delilah_silver-beaded-heart-wire-earrings_4 element_701_delilah_silver-beaded-heart-wire-earrings_5 element_704_delilah_silver-beaded-heart-wire-earrings_6 element_706_delilah_silver-beaded-heart-wire-earrings_7