Best Silver Flower Earrings Photos 2017 – Blue Maize

Silver Flower earrings

Earrings / May 31, 2022

An unknown author once wrote, "Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower." Sharing the natural beauty of these earrings is a fresh way to honor a special relationship, whether it has grown and blossomed your whole life, or for only a month.

Each month of the year has a particular flower associated with it—and these blossoms, though real, never fade. Sourced from around the world, each dried and pressed flower is picked for its delicate beauty by, and showcased beneath clear resin. Set in a silver-plated brass bezel, each hangs from a sterling silver wire. A pair of earrings containing someone's birth flower makes a unique and graceful gift—or simply pick one because it's lovely, no matter when your birth date is. Designed in Memphis, Tennessee. Handmade in New York. Each pair sold individually.

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Key to months below:
January: Carnation (China) - represented by Achillea millefolium
February: Iris (Utah) - represented by Delphinium glaucum
March: Daffodil (Japan) - represented by Narcissus
April: Daisy (Malaysia) - represented by Bellis simplex
May: Lily of the Valley (Indonesia) - represented by Lepidium latifolium
June: Rose (Indonesia) - represented by Rosa hybrids
July: Larkspur (Utah) - represented by Delphinium consolida
August: Gladiolus (California) - represented by Hardenbergia violacea
September: Aster (China) - represented by Bellis perennis
October: Marigold (Vietnam) - represented by Tagetes
November: Chrysanthemum (China) - represented by Cosmos sulphureos

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