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Simple Pearl earrings

Earrings / December 2, 2021

Nothing says class and refinement quite like pearls. Whether in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings, this precious gemstone is sure to lend charm and sophistication to your simplest outfits. It’s also easy to coordinate with your favorite colors when you choose black or pink pearls in addition to the classic shade of white.

Available in a variety of shapes—from round and semi-round to pear and oval—the diversity of a pearl makes it effortless to find the perfect style for you. Cultured freshwater pearls look especially dazzling as stud earrings or drop earrings. Choose elegant settings like 14-karat gold or sterling silver to really make them shine!

Can’t seem to find the right necklace for that special occasion? A pearl necklace is available in single of multi-strands—with a variety of lengths to choose from. Unique characteristics like beads in alternating colors will make your pearl collection even more precious.

Adorn your wrist with an elegant pearl bracelet. Many styles are also accented with other beads or gems, such as crystals and diamonds, so you can highlight the natural beauty of every pearl. If it’s a more casual style of bracelet you want, opt for a baroque pearl stretch bracelet—available in a variety of different colors!

Round out your accessories with a beautiful freshwater pearl ring. From cluster pearl rings and diamond and pearl rings to multi-colored pearl rings and cultured Tahitian pearl rings, you’ll find a style that’s sure to impress—not to mention punctuate the look of your ensemble.

Want to save time on finding matching pearl earrings and necklaces? Opt for a matching set featuring styles like sterling silver and pearl drop earrings, a pearl pendant necklace and a single round pearl ring. You’ll look absolutely luminous when you showcase a beautiful set of pearl jewelry.