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How to make silver earrings?

Earrings / May 12, 2022

How to Make Earrings From Scrap SilverInstead of throwing scrap metal away, save it until you have enough of it to make something special. Scrap silver is wonderful to use for making your own jewelry. Create a pair of earrings for yourself or make some to give as a gift. Making your own allows you to choose a design that fits the recipient well. This is a one-of-a-kind present they cannot find anywhere else. To make earrings using scrap silver, gather the correct tools and choose a design; then, melt the silver and form it, creating wearable fashion that is sure to please.

Tools Required for Making Earrings



Welding torch

Melts the silver


Holds pieces of silver as it is melted

Metal rod

Helps silver melt evenly and faster


Provides a form that shapes the melted silver

Cuts shapes out of formed silver

Soldering tool

Attaches earring posts to the formed silver

Earring posts

Attaches to the fashioned jewelry to make it wearable


Protects your eyes

Before making the earrings, get comfortable with how the torch works. Practice melting the silver and pouring it into a mold. It may take you a few attempts before you create something that is nice enough to wear or give away as a gift.

Making the Earrings

When making jewelry from scrap silver, the hardest part to learn is how to mold the silver fast enough, before it gets too hard to work with. Remember that you can always re-melt the silver and start over.

The Two Design Methods

There are two ways to create a design by molding silver. The first option is to buy or make a mold in the shape you want. The second option is to allow the silver to cool in a flat shape; then, draw the design on it and cut it out.

If you choose to cut out your design, you should start with a simple one that is easy to work with. Hearts and triangles are popular, but you can try any geometric shape. As you become more comfortable working with scrap metal, branch out into other, more intricate designs. Also, consider buying special engraving tools that allow you to draw images or words on the metal.

Melt the Silver

Once you have all of your tools assembled and know the design method you plan to use, it is time to melt the silver. If you have large pieces of metal, cut them into smaller sections to make the melting process go faster. Place the metal into the crucible or other heat-resistant container. Turn your torch on and hold it over the container, allowing the metal to heat up. Swirl the crucible gently around and stir the silver with the metal rod to make sure all of it melts. Once it becomes a liquid, it is ready for the mold.

Create the Earrings

Once you have the silver melted, quickly pour it into the mold. After it cools, remove it from the mold and either cut it into the shape you designed or make any engravings onto the earrings. The next step is to solder the earring backs onto the metal. Use solder paste to hold the posts in place as you work. For a different look, drill a hole in the top of the piece and run a wire earring hook through it, creating dangly earrings.

A Simplified Method using Silver Shavings

A simpler way of making beautiful earrings with scrap metal is to combine silver shavings with clear epoxy resin. Collect silver shavings from businesses that use silver. The resin holds the shavings in place and creates a 3D effect. Use a hardener to make the resin hold its shape and pour the mixture into a mold, leaving enough room for the silver shavings. To give the earrings a different tint, add a bit of color to the resin before pouring.

After placing the metal in the mold, pour more resin on top for an enclosed effect. The end result is metal that appears encased in glass. Used this way, the bits of metal look lovely and you never have to use the torch.

How to Buy Scrap Silver on eBay

Once you have used up all of the scrap silver you have on hand, look for more from sellers on eBay. Find silver or look for other metal options. Narrow your search down to local sellers if you want to find someone within driving distance for easy pickup and no shipping costs.

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