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Make earrings

Earrings / July 3, 2017

If you want to make earrings similar to those you can see on the picture, you will need:


  • translucent shrink plastic film
  • sanding paper
  • waterproof markers
  • scissors
  • an oven & baking paper
  • earring components (as you can see on a photo bellow)
  • glue (for plastic / metal)


  1. Sketch some ideas you have on a paper. For beginners I recommend rather simple designs.
  2. Sand your plastic film with a sanding paper.
  3. Copy your sketches on a plastic film with waterproof markers (you can usually see through the film and follow the lines of your original sketches). Remember you have to draw them much bigger than wanted size of the earrings (they will be around 45% of the original size when you shrink them).
  4. Cut them out with scissors.
  5. Bake them in an oven set on 300°F (150°C). Your earrings will be ready when they are flat again. Let them cool down.
  6. Glue earring components to your plastic illustrations.
  7. Finished! Enjoy!