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Unusual silver stud earrings

Earrings / May 16, 2021

Who doesn’t love adorning themselves with a pair of unique earrings in fun, cute designs? Let’s be real; opting for a carefully selected pair of earrings can totally transform your look, regardless of the clothes you are wearing! A pair of sparkling, Victorian style earrings are a perfect accessory if you want to amp up the glamour of gothic clothing, or even add a little extra layer of detail to your steampunk outfit. A pair of silver studs or spacers pairs seamlessly with punk rock clothing, and an ear cuff is totally on-trend! Suffice to say, a pair of unique earrings are a must have for alternative fashion lover.

This is why we are proud to stock a huge selection of unique, cute earrings here at RebelsMarket. We stock fashion jewelry right through to more expensive gold and silver designs that are perfect for high fashion lovers. Whether you want hoops, studs, spacers or something a little bit more unusual like an ear wrap, you can find all of this and more in our selection.

RebelsMarket offers high quality, unique earrings to suit all alternative fashions and styles, no matter your budget. We are able to offer cute earrings at different price points because we curate all of our collections from the very best alternative jewelry designers across the web. This means that our collections often contain pieces from indie designers and small brands too.

So if you want a pair of unique earrings that are nothing like the styles you get in the regular jewelry stores, then RebelsMarket have you covered. From awesome skull designs to unique stainless steel studs, punk rock inspired spacers or even glitzy drop earrings perfect for a burlesque outfit, you’re sure to find earrings that suit both your budget and your style.

Take a look at the huge selection of cute, unique earrings we have available. You’re sure to find that special accessory that will make your favorite outfits pop.

How To Accessorize Your Outfits With Unique Earrings

When it comes to picking out the right pieces of jewelry to complement your outfit, it’s important to remember that you accessorise according to your personal tastes, but also according to the occasion. When you pick up that pair of cute earrings, can you see the different alternative outfits that they would pair with?

So for example if your wardrobe is filled with rockabilly dresses and high heel shoes, you probably want to opt for some cute, girly earrings such as hoops or unique drop earrings. Or, if you’re more of a punk rocker or a fan of biker jeans and combat boots, you’ll probably want to opt for some edgy skull designs or other kick ass studs that will complement your alternative look. Pair these earrings with a choker and some midi rings for an updated grunge look, or opt for an interesting pendant to keep things a little more understated.

When it comes to enhancing your outfit with earrings, you need to make sure that the earrings you select add something to your look. It’s all too easy to over accessorize, so make sure your earrings do not clash with the outfit you’re wearing, or the other jewelry you opt for. If you’re into wearing dresses or cute tops with busy patterns, it might be an idea to choose a pair of plain silver studs or an interesting ear cuff if you’re aiming for subtlety.

Of course, you could go the other way and opt for bold earring designs, such as oversized hoops, plugs or spacers. This is great if you want to draw attention to the face, as selecting bold and interesting designs will catch the eye and draw attention to your head and shoulders.

Another thing to remember when choosing the perfect pair of unique earrings is to make sure that you aim for versatility. Your new earrings should be beautiful on their own, but also be used to enhance several of your outfits. The best thing to do is to shop around and look at the different styles of cute earrings and jewelry sets available. This way you can choose multiple different styles, and even dare to mix and match with different studs if you have more than one ear piercing.

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