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Sterling silver and Turquoise earrings

Earrings / May 12, 2022

Zuni Inlaid Native American EarringsThe practice of piercing the ear for adornment has been around for many centuries. Here is an overview of making Native American earrings First a selection of gemstones need to be established. Usually selecting a turquoise stone from the same vein of a rock or two pieces that are similar. When making or two pieces of of silver sheet are cut out accordingly depending on how large you want to make your earrings. Make sure you cut with room to spare for decoration around the bezel. That way you will get ample room for decoration around the stone. This would be called a "Twin stone set of Native American earrings", which are very popular and easily made. Depending on what type of look you want your earrings to have you can chose saw tooth bezel or smooth bezels. The bezels are then soldered onto the two plates as well at the silver twist wire or sterling silver feathers you plan on putting around the stone. Once the earrings have the bezel mounted, a piece of round bead wire can create a nice design and perhaps add some drops of sterling called "Navajo tears". Once the decorations have surrounded your gemstone you are able to cut the excess silver and form your earring shape or form. Before setting your or whichever gemstone you chose; solder the post onto the back. The stone is then set and wrapped in bezel work and carefully bend the edges over the stone to insure it does not fall out. Your earrings are now ready to be oxidized, buffed and polished. Now you know how to make Native American earrings.

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