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Make wire earrings

Earrings / December 10, 2017

How to make earrings - let me count the ways! Earrings are one of the easiest types of jewelry to make, and are a perfect starting point for beginners to art of jewelry-designing. Many of our earrings designs in this section are simple and just so much fun to make. Frequently, only a few beads, a head pin, and some wire are all you need to make a pair of great-looking earrings.

How to Make Earrings in a Variety of Styles

Some of our simple designs use the same techniques to make the earrings, but the type of beads chosen can determine if they are more dressy and classic, or more casual and funky. You’ll find a variety of ideas in this “how to make earrings” section of our website. One of our favorite designs, Stays-On Ear Wires, features an ear wire that will stay on the ear and not move. We also have Ear Thread Earrings that feature threads of chain in lieu of an ear wire. And if you want to look like a celebrity, then do not miss our vast assortment of chandelier earring designs that always receive rave reviews when we publish them.

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