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Handmade Sterling silver hoop earrings

Earrings / June 20, 2022

The simply hoop earrings casual and sporty, is comfortable to wear and fits well with everything from casual to elegant. Made out of 18 ct yellowgold vermeil and plastic, each piece is unique, hand drawn and forged by me. All pieces come beautifully wrapped with anzu jewelry branded packaging. Each piece of jewelry is carefully handmade from a variety of materials including Plastic, Sterling Silver, Gold vermeil (18t yellow or red gold plated sterling silver), Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver, precious and semi-precious stones. handling Please treat your item with care to ensure a long life. Plastic looks indestructible but can be quite delicate, avoid dropping your jewelry or knocking it on a hard surface. For maximum protection, store your jewelry in its original box, and remove it before sleeping, swimming or showering. Perfumes, chlorine, detergents, and oils can all cause tarnishing and damage to the surface finish. Apply scents or cosmetics before you put on any jewelry. cleaning Brighten up your piece by using a soft cleaning cloth. In the case of silver you can buy special silver cleaning solutions which can breathe life in to a piece that has lost shine with wear. Gold-plate may slightly fade over time depending on wear and the amount of care taken.