cool gold earrings

Earrings / May 19, 2017

I’m an accessories-phobe. I rarely buy bags, jewelry, or shoes because I worry that they can easily become dated — even when they’re billed as “classics.” I’ve been burned before: Diamond (and faux-diamond) studs, which everyone had in high school, suddenly felt stiff in college, while the pearl necklace I purchased in my Gossip Girl phase now feels like costume jewelry.

So now that gold hoops are heralded as the one piece of jewelry every woman needs, I’m skeptical. I can’t get the Mean Girls hoop earrings scene out of my head — or the fact that when I watched it several years after it came out, I thought, “Who even wears hoop earrings anymore?”

But then came 2017, when hoops popped up on cool girls, celebrities, and everyone I know. I bought a $10 pair that kept falling out of my earlobes, but I couldn’t commit to anything more expensive — until I fell for Ellery’s Forbidden Fruit gold-plated earrings.

The askew curlicues come in two sizes: small and large. They’re inspired by the Memphis jazz movement and named after an album by singer and activist Nina Simone. (Cool, right?) Twisty and curvy at the same time, they feel like a distant cousin of the classic style — and unique enough that I can still wear them long after the hoop trend runs out of steam.